Privacy Principles.png

With their health information consolidated and normalized in Hugo, people can choose to securely share their data with researchers and industry partners using a novel approach that we call a “People Powered Data Partnership”.

A People Powered Data Partnership works when trust exists between people who generate - and hold data, and those who benefit from the use of the data. Hugo develops that trust by adhering to strict trust principles and cultivating relationships between people and a vetted community of data users. This new paradigm has the potential to spur a transformative ripple effect throughout the healthcare system.

Strong partnerships are built on mutual respect and trust. The following principles
help us earn the trust of our users:

1. Partnership: Successful partnerships evolve into strong communities 

  • Communities, not cohorts. Participants and partners, not subjects in research
  • We seek opportunities to develop partnerships between data holders and data users 

2. Transparency: Complete transparency about the collection and use of data 

  • A privacy notice that is simple and concise
  • A privacy center to advance an understanding of privacy policies
  • A privacy promise to respect and request permission for the use of all data

3. Security: The protection of data is our highest priority

  • Hugo adheres to FTC Security by Design principles
  • We follow the highest possible standards for physical, administrative and technical safeguards

4. Accountability: Hugo works on behalf of our customers

  • We strive to provide the very best experience for modern, technology-enabled research
  • We aim to provide frictionless, digital, real-time data flow
  • We work on behalf of health care consumers who are exercising their legal right to obtain and use their own health information.
  • We aim to provide frictionless, digital, real-time data flow