With their health information consolidated and normalized in Hugo, people can choose to securely share their data with researchers and industry partners.  This People Powered Data Partnership can inform and guide clinical care, help advance medical research, optimize healthcare delivery, improve patient experience and decrease wasteful spending.

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A People Powered Data Partnership works best when trust exists between people — the new data holders, and data users.  Hugo aims to develop that trust by adhering to privacy principles that are part of our DNA. Hugo offers people opportunities to share data and build relationships with a vetted community of data users. This new paradigm has the potential to spur a transformative ripple effect throughout the healthcare system. Visit our Privacy Center to learn more.




HIPAA provides all people the legal right to obtain a copy of their health records. Once in their possession, people are free to use their data as they please. Data stored by Hugo belong to the individual and Hugo’s obligation to secure the data and maintain the privacy is to our users. We take this obligation very seriously and employ industry leading privacy and security practices. Learn more about HIPAA and security.




Thanks to HIPAA, people have the legal right to request their electronic medical record — and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as well as other government agencies have our backs. These agencies are working together to help facilitate patient access to their information through education and enforcement of the relevant laws. Learn more. 




Advocacy organizations including the National Partnership for Woman and Families offer resources to help you understand how you can access your digital medical records.