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Medical Research is inefficient

The digital transformation of medical data presents an opportunity to pivot from an antiquated, analogue system of collecting health outcomes information to a modern, automated, real-time model.

Fragmented data and lack of a universal patient identifier to connect disparate data and organize it into a continuous stream have blocked progress and patient records remain incomplete—until now.

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New Research Paradigm: Communities of people empowered wth their data assets partnered in knowledge generation.

HIPAA: Leveraging people’s legal right to access their health information - no need for contracts with covered entitites

Person Focused: Commitment to connecting people and data through strict permission based data sharing


A digital pipeline directly to research databases for real time monitoring of clinical visits, adverse events and health outcomes reported by patients. 


"Join me in putting the conception of a "patient" to rest - and ushering in a notion of people who we can engage, empower and strengthen as partners. This will represent a massive paradigm shift in medicine - it is about time."

~ Hugo Founder, Dr. Harlan Krumholz MD,
excerpt from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
2015 Commencement Address