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A digital health platform — and a
new way of thinking about knowledge generation


Biomedical science is booming and troves of digital data are being generated daily. Yet, despite a digital transformation, the medical research enterprise cannot keep pace with the information needs of patients, clinicians, administrators, and policy makers. Outdated methods of enrollment, data collection, and follow up are slow, costly and have blocked necessary progress.

By empowering people with their health data, Hugo’s novel approach promotes partnership and enables access to comprehensive, longitudinal, real world data. This partnership presents the potential to build long term relationships with people that can extend across product life cycles.


Trial & Registry Benefits

Post Trial Benefits

  • Simplified infrastructure

  • Improved productivity

  • More timely information

  • Integrated EHR, pharmacy, patient generated and patient reported data

  • Decreased loss to follow up

  • Patient approved monitoring captures data across health plan changes and out of network care

  • Real time safety monitory and outcome evaluation through streaming data



Study participants link patient portals at health systems and pharmacies with their Hugo account.  Opting to share data with a study initiates an automated, ongoing transfer of data directly to the study database.




Hugo provides a method of delivering customized surveys directly to users’ mobile devices and opens a new channel of communication between researcher and study participant.




Link fitness trackers and other devices to collect data on symptoms, function, sleep, appetite, activity, and more to supplement study participant’s longitudinal record


“Hugo holds the promise to empower people with their data and will create innumerable opportunities for them to participate in programs and projects that are customized to their interests and needs — and provides opportunities to be part of communities that contribute to knowledge that will help us all.”

— Joanne Waldstreicher, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson